ALPHA Flies With Magpie

ALPHA Flies With Magpie

When we started building Mainline ALPHA, our first of its kind AI-powered on-chain trading bot, several issues vexed us. The biggest among them? It wasn’t probabilistically determining how people behave. It wasn’t designing tokenomics and optimizing game theory. It wasn’t finding out that the ALPHA AI had developed a sense of humor and changed the keycode to the bathroom at Mainline HQ. 

One big issue was finding the right trades and not being able to profitably execute them because of DeFi’s inherent liquidity fragmentation. After all, it’s 2024, not 2018 anymore. Trade liquidity might sit on one chain but the trade itself awaits on another. If you’re reading this, you’re already familiar with bridges. Bridges are slow, expensive, vulnerable, and kind of clunky. You get the picture. 

Fortunately, it’s 2024, not 2018, and we needn’t be limited by our imagination anymore.

Magpie: Soar Bridgelessly

Magpie Protocol is a decentralized, liquidity aggregation protocol for cross-chain swaps. It provides the best deal on any asset, across the top blockchains, all without the need to bridge any assets. The end result is an extremely fast and gas efficient solution to cross-chain swaps.

Magpie harnesses the liquidity from existing DEXs and bridge liquidity pools, both within chain and cross-chain. This mechanism greatly reduces fragmentation and maximizes liquidity usage, resulting in improved market depth, cost-efficiency, reduced slippage, and better pricing on assets. 

The more liquidity networks Magpie connects, the better its order router becomes. Magpie is able to find the best deal on assets in real time, routing through anything to get there.

These innovations are possible by building atop bridges such as Wormhole and Stargate. In integrating these with Magpie, Mainline ALPHA is able to access and swap thousands of different tokens cross-chain, both efficiently and securely, rather than limiting swaps to a handful of native assets and stablecoins.

Where Mainline: ALPHA Comes In

The Magpie integration into Mainline ALPHA will allow the AI to trade a large selection of tokens cross-chain and across all of its chains seamlessly. Currently, Magpie Beta has 13 chains available: Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon zkEVM, Base, Zksync, Blast, Manta, and Scroll. Coming soon: Solana, Monad, BeraChain, Mode, and Metis. Magpie is non-custodial, meaning the user’s tokens remain in their custody.

It gets even better: This co-integration will be completely abstracted away for the user, allowing for a first-of-its kind trading experience - gas efficient, omni-chain swaps, that require no signature.

Example: A user has ETH on Ethereum mainnet and wants to buy the newest meme token on Base, this would require at least FOUR signatures, granted there are no transaction failures. Additionally, a giga-brain to determine the right gas prices, the right bridge, the right DEX and digging for the non-rug contract address.

  • Sign to approve spend on ETH
  • Sign to bridge funds from ETH to Base
  • Sign to approve spend of ETH on Base for the trade
  • Sign to initiate trade transtaction

With ALPHA, enabled by Magpie Protocol, you will only have to sign ONE transaction the first time a user sets up their ALPHA Base wallet.

Put simply, Magpie will give Mainline ALPHA users access to a far larger numbers of trade prospects, and in a very capital-efficient way, than would ever be possible even with existing bots. 

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When Will ALPHA Be Available?

Mainline will switch ALPHA on for early supporters in Q3 2024, followed by an incentivized beta test period later in Q3. During this rigorous testing period Mainline will be collecting even more data to greatly improve ALPHA’s intelligence and the user experience. A full, public launch is planned for Q1 2025.

Are You Ready For ALPHA?

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About Mainline

The product of thousands of hours of development, a proprietary analytics tech stack, many terabytes of data, Mainline ALPHA redefines auto-trading: Our intelligent platform not only carries out your trades but also proactively seeks out and suggests the most promising tokens. It's your trading co-pilot.

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About Magpie

Magpie is the future of cross-chain exchange infrastructure, a chain-agnostic and non-custodial liquidity aggregation protocol.