Every Last Drop of ALPHA

Every Last Drop of ALPHA

Mainline ALPHA rebuilt the trading bot, and put a brain in it. Our bot does linear algebra for fun.

Our premier auto-trading bot, ALPHA, is the product of thousands of hours of development and backtesting informed by 10 TB of social data. Mainline’s intelligent platform not only carries out your trades but also proactively seeks out and suggests the most promising tokens. 

Mainline | ALPHA is your new trading co-pilot.

Market Capture: Putting on a Clinic

The crypto trading bot industry exploded in early 2023 and now sees more than $300 million* in volume and $2 Million* in fees per day 📈 In barely a year, in what was largely a bear market, these bots to-date have accumulated $61 million* in fees. Bots give everyday traders access to automated quantitative trading strategies through the Telegram API. Currently, across all DEX trading bots, there is an average of 97,000 daily average users.

* Based on 7d MA at time of writing. Data collected from Dune Analytics: Dex Bot Trading Wars

Daily revenue for trading bots sits at just under $1.5 million. If Mainline captures even only 10% of that market, that’s a very healthy $150,000 per day, or $4.5 million per month, in protocol revenue.

Yet, this represents less than half a percent of daily crypto trading volume. Why?

90% of the trading bot market is controlled by only three projects: BananaGun, BonkBot, and Maestro. These bots are based on familiar, quaint algorithms and tether the user to web3 through every degen’s favorite messaging app, Telegram.

Maestro, BonkBot, and BananaGun offer familiar capabilities such as snipers, copytrades, wallet tracking, and limit/stop orders. Some collect taxes from traders. Few have web dApps. None use analytics. None use AI. None use natural language prompts.

We think DeFi is ready for more.

What if, instead, the algos weren’t just looking at candles? What if, instead, you were running your wallet through a trusted web3 dApp instead of a Telegram bot? What if, instead, your bot gave YOU alpha?

Well, that would be a first, wouldn’t it?

Here’s your first.

Mainline | ALPHA

Every Mainline ALPHA user gets a personal AI, trained to their specific trading preferences and learns through further interacting with it. Your AI harnesses the power of social intelligence data–yes, X/Twitter–to keep your strategy aligned with real-time market trends. It's not just a tool; it's your individualized trading ally, always in sync with your style and the market pulse. 

Product comparison.

ALPHA is based on years of work building a proprietary tech stack and honing social media scoring algorithms with billions upon billions of data points. Mainline uses all of its social intelligence data correlated with a huge amount of market data to train our own proprietary M/L layer. It’s a degen’s best friend, and it’s about to be within your reach.

Mainline token holders get access to ALPHA and revenues paid in ETH or SOL (depending upon the chain being used).

Give the Robot What It Wants

Bots want volume. Mainline: ALPHA already performs superbly. But, once we open up the dApp, ALPHA will get much, much smarter. Mainline: ALPHA learns. 

Let’s get real. If Mainline’s closest thing to a competitor can do $200 million+ a day with only a couple basic features, and without any data analytics, then Mainline could do so much more.

It will pay to be a Mainline user.

About Mainline

The product of thousands of hours of development, a proprietary analytics tech stack, many terabytes of data, Mainline ALPHA redefines auto-trading: Our intelligent platform not only carries out your trades but also proactively seeks out and suggests the most promising tokens. It's your trading co-pilot.

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