Introducing Mainline | ALPHA, Your New, AI Web3 Trader

Introducing Mainline | ALPHA, Your New, AI Web3 Trader

Did you know there is an industry that’s barely two years old but sees more than a quarter billion dollars a day in volume and collects more than $1 million in fees a day? And, did you know that this industry doesn’t seem to know what AI is?

It's about to.


Meet Mainline | ALPHA, your personalized, AI-powered, on-chain trading bot. ALPHA doesn’t just execute trades for you, it hunts down the market’s next big plays and whispers them in your ear. ALPHA navigates the pitfalls of unreliable insider information, uncertain entry points, and risky exits in a user-guided environment.

Mainline ALPHA is going to be the best, smartest auto trader you’ve ever used. Join the waitlist on our site and follow our socials.

How Does It Work? What Does It Do?

ALPHA, your trading co-pilot, is the product of thousands of hours of development and backtesting, educated on terabytes of social data. Mainline, ALPHA’s Dr. Frankenstein, first collected nearly all X/Twitter accounts, then audited millions of them and hundreds of millions of posts across a time series of more than a year. On top of that, ALPHA learned from 30 billion user-to-user interactions. Elements such as follower counts, account activity, engagement, and proprietary quality and influence metrics were used, and many more.

Live shot of Mhor, Marvey Mirdman, Mron Man, and Maptain Mamerica.

On top of that, our AI is a chartooor. But, it’s not just looking at charts. It’s thinking.

The AI is constantly gathering chart data and analyzing it, then cycling it back to Mainline to improve itself. So, you can relax and let ALPHA figure out for you where those little triangles and parallel lines should go.

How Do I Use It?

ALPHA is designed with user-friendliness at its core, allowing you to trade effortlessly on any device. Easily create watchlists, set parameters, and let your personalized auto-trader do the rest. Once it’s live, all you’ll need to do is go to the site and connect your wallet. Say goodbye to clunky Telegram verification games.

To get started working with ALPHA once it goes live, you need a referral or MAIN, our token. The more MAIN you hold, the bigger your trading fee discount. Additionally, MAIN token holders get revenues paid in ETH or SOL (depending upon the chain being used).

When Will ALPHA Be Available?

Mainline will switch ALPHA on for early supports in Q2 2024, followed by an incentivized beta test period in Q3. During this rigorous testing period Mainline will be collecting even more data to greatly improve ALPHA’s intelligence and the user experience. A full, public launch is planned for Q1 2025.

Ser, Can I Borrow Your Data?


Are You Ready For ALPHA?

Visit our site, join our community, and join the Waitlist.

About Mainline

The product of thousands of hours of development, a proprietary analytics tech stack, many terabytes of data, Mainline ALPHA redefines auto-trading: Our intelligent platform not only carries out your trades but also proactively seeks out and suggests the most promising tokens. It's your trading co-pilot.

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